Yesterday I thought a lot about how I would like Phase 2 to be.  Then today I was forced into some small changes right away because when I went to have my breakfast soup, I realized I was out of edamame!  I went ahead with the soup and also had 1 of my tofu chocolate pudding cups.  Luckily, due to last week’s trip, I had to stick a pudding into the freezer; perfect for my tofu “ice cream” experiment for afternoon snack today.

Additionally, I brainstormed for snacks to have on hand, recipes to try, and ways to make eating in Phase 2 more pleasurable. I don’t know how long I will follow The Fast Metabolism Diet but came up with lots of ideas that could make the Vegan Version of Phase 2 more tolerable.  Here are some of my ideas:

  • Look for more types of pickles without additives like these
  • Would this pasta be ok?  It contains ONLY Edamame!!!
  • While looking for the answer to the above pasta, I saw this and I already really enjoy these type Konjac “noodles” so they will be an awesome addition to Phase 2!!!… especially yummy in Asian style soups
  • maybe try a pesto made from edamame + basil + garlic + nutrional yeast on the above Konjac noodles
  • I also saw this FB post about Kelp noodles which makes me think since the Edamame noodles above only contain edamame, they are probably fine.
  • Try making some pickles myself with celeryrhubarbcucumbers, and asparagus
  • Make some Kale chips spritzed with Bragg’s or cider vinegar (have made these before but it’s been a while)
  • fennel ideas roasted or carmelized (both skip the oil and use dab of veg broth instead); I also have a recipe for Fennel with onions that sounds good
  • red pepper sauce over canned green beans (I love the limp texture of canned french green beans as a sub for pasta and I like a sauce made from these)
  • Tempeh crumbles 1 (skip the oil) or crumbles 2 alone or in a pepper sauce over noodles or vegetables
  • stewed rhubarb with a vanilla tofu sauce (make like the chocolate pudding)
  • cucumber water
  • pickled limes or these but use stevia or these spicy ones, Indian style
  • Make a salad inspired by Tabbouleh (parsley + cukes + lemon)
  • Leek and fennel soup (skip the potatoes and oil) here
  • Fennel and pepper slaw (skip the oil & cheese) here
  • leeks and radishes (skip the butter) here
  • roasted radishes
  • roasted jicama
  • jicama and pepper hash (skip the oil)
  • red cabbage slaw (without mayo) * I love my regular red cabbage cooked with onions and balsamic too
  • Edamame gucamole
  • Use tofu in Cream of Broccoli soup
  • tweak my recipe for Tempeh Goulash (has peppers, tempeh, and cabbage… would need to leave out the tomatoes)
  • tweak my recipe for chickpea tuna by subbing it with edamame (has celery, fresh dill, pickles; would be great with a salad or as a spread on veggies like jicama or peppers or maybe this recipe for tempeh tuna salad with tofu mayo (would it work without the soy milk???)
  • I also have a great recipe for a cilantro chutney that would be yummy over tempeh and vegetables
  • Other recipes I already have that would be good for Phase 2: Ginger Slaw, Slaw made from Kale dressing + Angel Hair Cabbage, Eggroll Stle roasted Vegetables, Faux Thai Soup, Vegan French Onion soup, Kale Salad Lite, and Cucumber & Onion salad


Today was less creative than my brain-stormed list since I used things I already had planned for, but I did incorporate the  new “ice cream” as well as that marvelous noodle I discovered are acceptable!  One of those new dishes was great and one was not, but I’m glad I tried them both.

6:30 Hot Tea

7:00 Phase 2 Soup without Edamame (just veggie broth with kale and green beans + Tabasco) and Chocolate Tofu Pudding (same as always)

10:00 Chocolate Tofu Pudding

12:30 Leftover’s from last night: Green beans with Cumin seed and garlic, Bell peppers & onions, and Browned Tempeh

3:00 Rhubarb Snow (yesterday’s Rhubarb sorbet was a tad sweet so today I blended up some plain ice and then added the frozen chunks of Rhubarb, ginger, and sweetener… it has the texture of snow but is less sweet)

4:00 Chocolate Tofu “ice cream” (last week I froze the remaining portion of tofu chocolate pudding before my trip; today I let it thaw just barely then blended it up)***NOT YUMMY… freezing made the texture grainy 😦

7:30 Asian Noodle Soup: Broth made with Nutritional yeast, ginger, garlic, lemon, red pepper flakes, and Bragg’s Aminos + Konjac noodles + cabbage + Browned Tempeh (delicious… definitely one to repeat)

8:30 Hot Tea



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