Here it is week 4 and I still find Phase 2 challenging; these 2 days require the most willpower for me.  They are the 2 days when I have the most restrictions and the lowest caloric intake.  Pomroy stresses that, “What really matters, much more than the number of theoretical ‘calories‘ you do or don’t consume, is how you burn the food or otherwise distribute the energy, once it gets inside you” (p 23).  Even so, for me I feel hungry with less calories and I have done the calorie logs so can compare my Phase 1, 2, and 3 days.  In truth, Pomroy states that she doesn’t want us to be  hungry… if I am hungry in Phase 2, I should eat more of the approved free foods… which happen to be mostly green vegetables. THAT’S the challenge.  When I am hungry I should have some sliced cucumbers, a bowl of mustard greens, steamed green beans or broccoli… so, why don’t I?  Well, for me it isn’t completely about the food choices (although that also contributes).  Schedule also plays into my food intake; I can’t sit around eating all day.  Availability is another factor; I fill the fridge once a week thus have limited resources available.  If I have already planned for that cucumber to be on Friday’s breakfast menu, I can’t have it today.  Am I whining and making excuses?  Perhaps.  I am also still following the plan.  Phase 2 is tough.  It’s more restrictive than the other phases and a little boring, but I am hopeful that Phase 2 will do it’s job in helping to get my metabolism back on track.

So I decided today that I need to meet Phase 2 challenges head on.  I need to remember that I shouldn’t allow myself to be hungry and that feeling deprived and bored can contribute to gaining weight.  Here’s my plan:

  • Find some Phase 2 appropriate snacks and keep them on hand
  • Eat vegetable snacks as needed rather than allowing myself to feel hunger
  • Increase my Phase 2 recipe repertoire so that I don’t feel bored (even though last week I talked about how repetition can be a good thing)
  • Find recipes, seasonings, etc. that help me celebrate the pleasure of eating


6:45 Hot Tea

7:15 Phase 2 Soup (veggie broth with green beans, edamame, kale, and hot sauce)

9:30 Cucumbers, celery, raw green beans, and a few slices of dill pickles (extra snack in response to feeling hungry)

10:30 Tofu Chocolate Pudding (same as week 1)

1:30 Cooked Green Cabbage and edamame with salt and pepper

4:30 Tofu Chocolate Pudding (same as week 1)

6:00 seltzer with lemon

6:30 Tempeh with habanero sauce, roasted bell peppers and onions, & green beans with cumin seed

8:00 dessert of Rhubarb Sorbet (rhubarb cooked with sweetener, blended, frozen in a flat tray, then scraped and fluffed with a fork)  **MUCH better than the cucumber one I tried last week

8:30 hot tea




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