One of my reasons to end my adherence to the Fast Metabolism Diet was due to not seeing great progress with weight loss (which is really the only measure I have to indicate an improved metabolism).  So now I’ll counter with a question… Did I give it my all?  Did I do enough? Did I follow the plan closely enough?

You have my food logs for the last 6 weeks (other than the 2 days off for my anniversary).   I bought organic when I could and cooked most grains and beans from scratch.  I started with logging portions, but after a bit stopped noting them.  However, I did faithfully measure the portions she required.    85%-90% of the time I drank my required water.  I did the minimal exercises and did not exercise more, even when I wanted to.  I traveled with the plan, dealt with a power outage, met with friends, and hosted visiting family members.  But was it enough?

  • I know at first I struggled with the schedule, especially eating so early
  • One or 2 days I missed a snack
  • In week 5 I threw away some of my tofu pudding because it was such a vile texture.
  • I ate soy in Phase 2, which is allowed to me as a vegan, but was also warned as a weight-loss impediment
  • I did take a 2 day hiatus for my anniversary… but this was after the 28 days were over
  • I also ate something off plan in Phase 2, week 6

After week one’s disappointing loss, I researched for tips to amp up my progress. Haylie Pomroy author of The Fast Metabolism Diet offers the following tips  here

You can also make the diet a little more extreme by choosing certain foods within the phase.

  1. Phase 1: Go for higher-sugar fruits like pineapple and mango. Eat lots of veggies containing cellulose, which helps stimulate fat burn: cucumbers, radish, jicama and celery.
  2. Phase 2: Go heavy on the spices and herbs! Toss them into salads, use spices as a rub for Phase 2 meats and fish. Use plenty of cayenne and lemon to stimulate the pancreas and fire up your taste buds in the process.
  3. Phase 3: Skip the optional starch at dinner. Don’t get so excited about eating healthy fats that you neglect your veggies — eat lots of them in this phase. You need them to kick-start fat burn.”

Based on those ideas, I

  • Gave up grains at the Phase 3 dinners
  • Tried to include more ginger, pepper flakes, and fresh herbs in Phase 2
  • Ate more mango and celery

I wasn’t perfect, but I really did give it my all.

So I weighed this morning.  I lost 1 more pound this week bringing the total to 6 pounds in 6 weeks.  I would love to lose the remaining 14 pounds towards my goal, but I’m going to try it my way now.



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