One of the reasons I dread Phase 2 is the consumption of so much soy.  I get stomach aches and other digestive issues every week.  The addition of so much soy also coincided with breast tenderness and other menstrual changes (connected?). I did a little research and discovered that it could be a sensitivity.

“For some people, eating soy can be an unpleasant experience. Stomach pains from tofu and soy are most likely related to a soy allergy… The immune system fails to recognize that the proteins in the soy are safe and quickly begins building an attack against them. The body creates specific antibodies called immunoglobulin E, or IgE, to fight off the soy proteins. These antibodies trigger a chain reaction in the body of various chemicals being released. One chemical in particular is histamine. Histamine is created by mast cells in soft tissue, such as the digestive tract…The severity of symptoms will vary from person to person and typically form within a few minutes after consuming the tofu or soy product. The accelerated levels of histamine released in the intestines cause the lining of the digestive tract to become inflamed and irritated, causing cramping and pain.” (source)

“You can visit an allergist to have a skin or blood test, which will determine a true allergy; however, you can experience sensitivities without having a full-blown soy allergy. Symptoms can include stomach pain, breast tenderness, altered menstrual cycle, acne, slow thyroid, mood changes, excess phlegm, brain fog, and/or joint pain” ( source)  I could also just  remove the soy from my diet and see if the symptoms go away.

Although The Fast Metabolism allows soy in Phase 2 for vegans like me, the author is not a fan of soy; she states, “Soy is also estrogenic; it closely mimics your body’s own estrogens. That can mean increased belly fat. Lastly, soy can slow your metabolism down.” (source) So in addition to the possibility of causing some uncomfortable symptoms, soy could be one reason for my slow weight loss and could even be causing increased fat!

Yesterday I considered the idea of Pea Protein in place of so much soy for Phase 2… that could allow me to continue The Fast Metabolism Diet without soy, but would that be enough to “fix” Phase 2?  I would still face a day of boredom and minimal options…in fact maybe less so.  I can’t see the shakes and soup being enough to make me suddenly happy about Phase 2.

So why am I struggling with this issue at all? It’s not like The Fast Metabolism Diet has been such an amazing tool for weight loss!  Now if I were the lady in this  blog who had just lost 20 pounds  or if I were one of the people in these stories who loved the experience,  maybe I would feel more loyal.  Pomroy’s diet is actually focused on repairing metabolism with weight loss as a side effect; has my metabolism been repaired? Can’t I move on now?

5:30 hot tea

6:00 Tofu Chocolate Pudding

8:45 Edamame

12:00 Asparagus and Edamame in Mustard sauce (Dijon mustard + cider vinegar)

2:30 **** See Below****

6:00 seltzer and lemon

6:30  Edamame in Veracruz Sauce (Blended roasted red  peppers + capers + parsley + garlic + jalapenos), and leftover green beans

8:00 Hot Tea (choosing this kind due to my  digestive complaints)


I had already begun today’s post when something happened that I MUST address… it really feels like a whole separate topic to post about, but I’ll do my best to be brief.

Yesterday I ate a pretty low amount of calories due to picking mostly edamame and tofu with only a half portion of Tempeh; I was doing a little better cramp-wise too, so I continued with the same strategy today… the edamame and tofu have less bulk.  On top of that I skipped the vegetables at breakfast.  I smugly felt like I was “getting by” more easily than my usual Phase 2… but then at 2:30 I happened to notice some cashews and realized I REALLY wanted them.  I ate some nuts and then had some crackers and peanut butter too.  My first “cheat” in 6 weeks… I was so close.  I am reminding myself that no one is perfect; I will not beat myself up.  Pomroy says, “Don’t panic. If you accidentally ate the wrong food on the wrong day, just get back on track the next day..” (source)  It was exactly “accidental”; I let myself get too hungry and shouldn’t have. Shortly afterwards, my stomach ached tremendously and it didn’t let up all evening; then by dinner I also had a headache.


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