Day 2 of Phase 1 (week 6) and feeling great.  I really love the combination of beans, grains, vegetables, and fruits.  Nuts and avocados in Phase 3 are nice, but the balance of Phase 1 is where I am happiest.  I am back in the groove of following the list and schedule.  However, I am having some seasonal allergies & asthma the last couple of days so life isn’t perfect.  I also only lost 1 of the 3 “gained” pounds.  I can tell I am still retaining water because my rings are still tight.  Even so, I am not worried… I would love faster progress, but at least I know I am making healthy choices.

It has also been great to be back on Daylight Savings Time… I know it won’t last, but for now I get a little reprieve from the dark mornings.  I love going for an early  brisk walk; I always feel so much more ready for the day. The mid-day bike rides have been fine too, but morning walks are probably my favorite aerobic exercise.  So I’ve started both days of Phase 1 with walks now.

Walks and my favorite sorbets made the post-splurge transition go so smoothly.  It was fantastic to have an established and familiar healthy pattern to fall back into after the splurge… especially since Phase 1 is my favorite.  And in this “diet-landmine” time of year I definitely want a plan in place.  However, Phase 2 starts again tomorrow and I’m already dreading it; something must be done.  Either I need to find an acceptable way to get through Phase 2 each week or I need to modify my plan.  I think for the rest of this week I need to do some serious thinking.

  • Should I alter the protien source in phase 2 and leave everything else as it is?
  • Should I alter the protein and add in other nonstarchy vegetables but try to keep it low carb?
  • Should I just do a longer Phase 1 followed by Phase 3?
  • Should I relax on the rigidity of the schedule?
  • Or maybe I should just follow a whole foods plant based diet like Novick suggests; now that I have broken my “bad habits”

I feel like there is lots to consider.  The Fast Metabolism Diet is not the only way to eat healthy nor is it a magical key for my body in terms of weight loss; my progress has not been any more outstanding than other diets I’ve done before… a pound per week is very modest and not worth all the Phase 2 anguish.  One of the  reasons I chose to try The Fast Metabolism Diet was that I wanted a set plan to get me back on track with good habits; I’ve accomplished that.  I had also hoped it would help me shed the 20 pounds I gained this last year; her “magic” didn’t work on me as well as on some of her other followers, but at least I got started.  My guess is that no matter what I choose it’s going to take me as long to lose it as it did to gain it.  Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll reach my goal by next summer.

This week is already planned and I’m sticking to it; now I just need to figure out what I want to do next week.


5:30 hot tea

6:00 oats with blueberries and cinnamon

9:30 a few sugar snap peas

10:00 Mango Lime Sorbet

12:00 navy beans, zucchini & tomatoes, mixture of brown rice & wild rice, and nutritional yeast plus Chocolate cherry sorbet

4:00 Mango Lime Sorbet

6:00 Seltzer with lemon

6:30 Cajun Red Beans & Rice (small red beans + brown rice + fire roasted tomatoes + garlic + paprika + cayenne+ frozen mix of onion, celery, bell pepper, & parsley), with  mustard greens and Tabasco

8:00 Hot Tea







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