I’ve already written a quick post about the splurge, but I’d like to focus on a few of the details a little more closely.

One thing I noticed was that I was very aware of the physical effects of my splurging and discovered that it actually did alter my choices.  Saturday I was excited and eating the goodies I had planned, no guilt.  Saturday night my stomach hurt and Sunday morning I noticed the water retention… my rings were tight.  Recognizing my choices were negatively impacting how much I might enjoy the day, encouraged me to drink a little extra water, eat a little less bread, take a bike ride, etc.  I didn’t feel guilty and I didn’t freak out and end the splurge.  However, I also knew that this was not the only time I would ever get to have bread or cookies, so I didn’t worry about stuffing myself either.  This mindset was a positive change for me (I’m often an all or nothing kind of eater).

Another thing that I noticed was that while I enjoyed the champagne, I didn’t feel as excited about having alcohol as I thought I would.  It was a relief to see that I could enjoy it without being overly attached to it.

A third thing I want to consider is that stomach ache I had on Saturday night.  I had another small one Sunday too.  Both times I felt bloated and a little crampy.  Was it wheat? Sugar? Alcohol? Not enough fiber?  How much of these foods can I tolerate without being sick?

First I considered the wheat… 3 days per week of weeks 1, 2, & 4, and one day of week 5 (Phase 3 days) I ate a slice of sprouted wheat bread.  So really, I have NOT been wheat free.  I’ve read that, “Compared to breads that don’t contain sprouted grains, Ezekiel bread has more protein, fiber, and absorbable vitamins and minerals. It also contains less harmful anti-nutrients, like phytic acid, and is even less concentrated with gluten…For those who are sensitive to gluten but who aren’t truly allergic to it, soaking, sprouting, fermenting and lightly cooking wheat products can greatly reduce their gluten content.” ( source).  This bread was the only wheat I have eaten for the last 5 weeks; in contrast on my splurge I ate homemade pumpkin bread, French bread, cookies, and fettuccini… all of which had regular processed flour. Could the flour have caused my stomach pain?  If it was the flour what could I do differently?  Could I eat less and still be ok?

Maybe it was sugar?  In the last 5 weeks I have only had sugar in the form of fruit.  During the splurge there was sugar in the pumpkin bread and the cookies.  I had the pumpkin bread both days but the cookies were just Saturday.  This article talks about the link between sugar and digestive upsets.  Sugar is not something I want in my diet regularly, but I have always enjoyed holiday cookies, a special birthday cake, etc.  Alcohol could be related to the same sugar reactions.  I have had bloating from alcohol before.  It dehydrates me and causes a bloated crampy stomach.  Would I give it up to avoid it? Yes.  But does that mean I can NEVER have it?

For now, I will be back to a routine that should keep me free of stomach pain (other than my soy issues), but I do want to keep these ideas in mind.  Perhaps sometime in the future I can test either sugar, wheat, or alcohol in an isolated single serving incident to check my tolerance.


5:30 Hot Tea

6:00 Oats with blueberries

10:00 Mango Lime Sorbet (just frozen mangoes and lime juice)

12:30 Leftover beans in Mole sauce, salad of romaine, carrots, cucumber, & radicchio with dressing of lemon juice and Bragg’s,  2 puffed rice cakes, and a sliced kiwi

4:00 Mandarin Oranges

6:30 Navy beans with habanero sauce, 2 puffed rice cakes, Ginger slaw (nappa cabbage + carrots + cilantro + green onion + fresh ginger root + cider vinegar + Bragg’s)

8:00 Hot tea



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