Earlier this week I mentioned that I would be taking the weekend off for my anniversary… no Fast Metabolism Diet for me on Saturday or Sunday.  It feels so exciting to imagine the 2 days of freedom!  However, I do plan to get back on track on Monday.

Lately I have been trying to decide if I will continue more weeks of The Fast Metabolism Diet or if I will take a modified I approach to the plan.  I haven’t completely figured out what I want to do, but I DID decide that I wanted stability in place before my splurge.  I want to know exactly what I expect of myself on Monday.  Another week of Pomroy’s structure provides the comfort and safety I need.  I can shop ahead, plan my menu for the week, and get my mind set to Phase 1 on Monday.

I’m no expert at splurges, but I’ve certainly done it (taking a break from a way of eating) before.  I knew that I needed that structure in place.  There are other things I have been doing to prepare for the splurge too.  Here are a few things I’ve learned about planning a dietary splurge and hoping to get back on track again.

  1. Start a list of things you desire; while this sounds like torturing yourself, it’s actually useful in terms of prioritizing what will make a splurge special.  If you just head for the store, you are likely to buy all kinds of treats and then realize later you forgot a special item or worse yet… have to room to indulge in the treat you have been missing.
  2. Let your plans be lavish at first, but then as the date approaches start to pare down the options.  It is SO easy to plan more food than you can actually eat.  Prioritize the meals and goodies that you desire the most.
  3. I know, it’s difficult, but don’t let a splurge be an excuse to completely forget fruits and veggies.  Lack of fiber might end up causing digestive woes later.  Try to make a nod to nutrition like a restaurant would… a side of that pricey asparagus or those out-of season raspberries that you love.  Sometimes just allowing yourself to have a salad dressing you’ve missed makes the same old bowl of green stuff taste quite the treat.
  4. Before the big day, try on some of the clothes that you can now fit or almost fit.  Remind yourself how far you’ve come.  I sometimes even plan to wear one of these new trimmer outfits because they help me feel good about myself and all of the hard work I’ve done and also serve as a physical reminder that this is only a treat, not a slip back into old patterns.
  5. In addition to planning your splurge, plan the next day or days (as mentioned above).  Be kind to yourself after a splurge and make sure you have stocked the menu with healthy favorites, things you will look forward to having post-splurge.
  6. Sometimes things you have been avoiding can have a stronger impact on you than they used to… alcohol can hit you harder, sugar too… I always have to remind myself that I want to enjoy the splurge not end up with a headache or upset stomach.
  7. Think beyond just the food… what else would create a really decadent wonderful day?  A swim? a massage?  a bubble bath?  time to lounge around and read?  a walk through your favorite shops? listening to a special play-list? spending time with friends that you don’t see often enough?  Adding non-food elements to a splurge helps you really experience and know that the fun and comfort we associate with food is only part of what we really remember.  For example, Thanksgiving may be a feast day, but it’s also a day spent with friends or family.  A day of football.  A walk through crisp autumn colors.  Maybe there’s more to enjoying that pumpkin pie than just the pie.
  8. Pomroy offers these tips about splurging.  I think her “don’t feel guilty” tip is super important!


So, that’s how I spent my day. 🙂  Now here is what I ate for the 33rd day following The Fast Metabolism Diet (Vegan Style):

6:45 Hot Tea

7:15 Sprouted wheat bread with almond butter and a bowl of fresh blueberries and chunks of jicama with lemon

9:45 red bell pepper strips and celery  with homemade hummus with olives, pepperocini, parsley, & capers (same as last weekend)

12:00 fat-free canned refried beans (just mashed up pinto beans) + hot sauce, leftover calabacitas (roasted zucchini, yellow squash,  and onions tossed with lots of chopped cilantro) and a Chocolate cherry pecan sorbet  (sorbet made of cherries and cocoa powder and pecans)

4:00 celery and carrots with homemade hummus with olives, pepperocini, parsley, & capers (same as last weekend)

6:00 Seltzer

7:00 Leftovers (Clean the fridge night): beans, cooked spinach with diced tomatoes, kale salad with a Tahini dressing (tahini + lemon + cider vinegar + Bragg’s + garlic), a dab of beets, and a spoon of almond butter




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