Uggg… PHASE 2… I just can’t enjoy it.  I can’t figure out a pattern that feels comfortable so keep trying new things.  I’ve tried new recipes, new attitudes, lots of repetition versus ‘out-of-the box’ ideas.  Even so, words like “apprehension”, “tough”, and “challenging” appear over and over in my Phase 2 posts.

For breakfasts I have had either soup or edamame radish salad.  The salad was a nice change but I miss the warmth of the soup. Neither is something I crave. It’s hard enough to eat 30 minutes after waking, but to have to choke down Phase 2 foods is even harder.

Tempeh is too filling and tofu is not filling enough.  I’m either bloated or hungry.  I’m eating lots of veggies yet have finally resorted to adding this tea to Phase 2 to help with digestive issues. The excess soy (at least a huge increase for me) also seems to be noticeable on a hormonal level. Soy does act like estrogen in the body; that fact doesn’t make soy evil, but it does add to my general complaints about Phase 2.

Worst of all about this phase,  I don’t look forward to any of the foods even though I am desperately trying new ideas. The tofu pudding has become a staple snack because it’s relatively easy to eat quickly so that I can get it over with.  Phase 2 stresses me out.  Not every moment is horrible, but the overall feel of these 2 days every week is a struggle to make my meals as palatable as possible and just get through the days.

This morning I found this article that links “what we think, feel, believe, our levels of stress, relaxation, pleasure, awareness, and the inner stories that we live out” with metabolism.  Yesterday’s stress at work  certainly effected the physical reality of eating, but probably also effected me on an inner chemical level too. I think I made the right choice to not worry about forcing down my snack.  I read that “In the moment the stress response is activated, something very interesting happens – the digestive system shuts down. It makes perfect sense that when you’re fending off an angry gorilla, you don’t need to waste energy digesting your breakfast.” ( source) While Pomry doesn’t suggest the following idea in her book, The Fast Metabolism Diet, she does have at least 2 different articles ( here and also here) where she links dealing with stress and extended versions of Phase 1.  Maybe Phase 2 gives me less tools to deal with the stress in my day, thus adding to it’s unappealing image.

6:00 hot tea

6:30 Edamame Radish salad… I forced myself to eat the edamame and picked at the rest…

9:30 Tofu Chocolate Pudding (remember that I mentioned I had bought a different tofu?… the flavor is more mild, but the texture is more grainy… blech)

12:15 Creamy Broccoli Soup ( tofu + steamed broccoli+ a roasted red pepper + nutritional yeast + garlic + red pepper flakes + water… blended up then heated) I also tossed the last of the Konjac noodles in at the last moment, but it didn’t really need them.  Not something I would make if I didn’t have a goal to eat the tofu, but not too bad; even so I ate it and felt immediately bloated and then crampy

3:10 slice of jicama in lemon juice… wanted something fresh

4:00 more jicama and the put-off-for-as-long-as-possible-now…begrudging bites of my grainy tofu pudding

6:45 Browned tempeh and spinach with a cilantro chutney (blended fresh cilantro & mint, with green chile, lemon juice, and garlic)… again afterwards feel too full and yet also unsatisfied

8:30 Hot Tea to help my digestion




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