The last 2 days were fun because I let myself be challenged by the food limits rather than hampered;I woke today hoping to apply that same attitude to Phase 2.

Some of the fun came from playfulness like creating the fruity sugar skull and the spider salad.  Other fun came from resourcefulness… figuring out how to capture the essence of a special food without the availability of all of the traditional components.  I wanted hot chocolate but couldn’t use the almond milk I prefer because it isn’t on Phase 1 and didn’t have any of the allowed rice milk; I put some thought into it and remembered the recipe for oat milk.  As a vegan I use a lot of this type of creativity and it isn’t just about straight exchanges or substitutions;  sometimes it’s important to think about the essence of the food you desire too… what makes it special to you?  For some people the comfort quality of lasagna comes from the gooey quality of the cheese, but for me the color was more important so when I figured out how to swirl a little mashed sweet potato into the top layer of sauce to get that perfect orangey-red that browned up a little in the oven… I was thrilled!  I think about the texture, the color, the temperature… sometimes it all comes down to one ingredient that recaptures an essence.  When my husband has garlic rosemary chicken, I have rosemary on navy beans and it’s perfect for me.  The last 2 days I have used the limitations of The Fast Metabolism Diet as a framework and put my creativity to work.

Dia de Los Muertos is still going on (source), so I may find room for a little playfulness, but I also plan to utilize the 2nd type of creativity and see if I can enjoy Phase 2 a little more than the last few weeks.

As I log my food today I’ll try to note where the creativity came into play.

6:00 Hot Tea

6:30 Edamame Radish Salad (edamame, radishes, Broccoli Slaw *with the carrot slivers removed, green onion, chopped cilantro, lemon juice, garlic, ginger, and Bragg’s) with a Bonus Radish Skull



9:30 Chocolate Tofu Pudding (when I went to make my pudding last night I realized that the Tofu I had bought this time was labeled Super Soft instead of silken and was not the same texture; I knew that the silken has a higher water content so added a little water to the blender and it seemed fine)

12:30 Jicama Slaw (Jicama + yellow bell peppers + lemon juice + cilantro) and a Tempeh “Burger” ( Browned Tempeh with mustard, red pepper ketchup, pickles, onion, and lettuce) * I thought about making a tofu based mayo but didn’t have enough tofu so I thought about other Burger topping and came up with the idea of making ketchup out of bell peppers  (roasted red bell pepper, cider vinegar and homemade worcestershire )… Delicious but very messy to eat with a fork (would be great on a bun 🙂  )

No Snack…. I make no excuses… it just didn’t happen.  The chocolate tofu pudding was in the fridge but work got stressful; I was in a bad mood and busy and when I finally remembered the pudding, I just didn’t care.  In addition to my emotional state squelching my desire to eat, I just wasn’t physically hungry either….. I’m letting this one go.

6:00 Seltzer with lemon

6:45 Green beans and Konjac  noodles with Edamame pesto (basil + edamame + garlic + nutritional yeast + tad water)… I was excited last week when I discovered these noodles were ok on Phase 2 (in fact all phases) so I started considering possible sauces but with no tomatoes the options seemed drab until I devised this mock pesto.  I’ll say it was edible, but not the amazing pasta dish I imagined either.

8:30 Hot Tea



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