Happy Halloween!  I’ll start with a trick and eat with a treat.  The trick?  Well I weighed this morning and to my dismay… lost nothing.  I did feel tricked! So that makes my total loss for the 28 days= 4 pounds.  sigh…. Oh well, onward to the Treat.

Now that I have the hang of The Fast Metabolism Diet (vegan style) and have completed the first 28 days, I decided to have a little fun.  Today’s menu was planned with Halloween in mind.  I started by finding some ideas to inspire me that would work for Phase 1, but I found a few others that might work if you are on another Phase too.

  • Mandarin Orange pumpkins: recipe  (phase 1)
  • Bell pepper jack-o-lanterns recipe (Phase 1 or 3… can create own filling; just fill it with beans, veg, etc. that work with the Phase) (Phase 2 could be filled with tempeh, spinach, and onions).
  • pumpkin oatmeal recipe (Phase 1 and 3)
  • pumpkin smoothie recipe (Phase 1)
  • pumpkin mango idea for ice cream (This recipe is not ok but the idea of pumpkin ice cream is a good one… maybe try adding pumpkin to frozen fruits and blend) (Phase 1 or maybe 3)
  • pumpkin spread with nut butter (could do this if you use stevia or skip the sweetener) (Phase 3)
  • pumpkin chocolate cherry smoothie recipe (just skip the banana)(might work as a sorbet!) (Phase 1 or 3)
  • falafel spider  balls  (this idea could work with many types of beans or a combo of beans and oats which is the way I make a veggie “burger”; they can also be baked instead of fried) (Phase 1 or 3… maybe Phase 2 with edamame)
  • skull shaped pickles idea  ( another good image here): could use this technique for Phase 2 with cucumbers and all other phases with cucumbers or zucchini or maybe yellow squash (pickle style, steamed, or just raw)
  • Orange & Black fruit skewers  and a few other fruity ideas (Phase 1) (could also work in a bowl)
  • Spider web soup idea (I loved the idea of this… In phase 2 a blended spinach soup with a tofu + vinegar sauce web could work… )

It was lots of fun figuring out fun meals to create and helped me feel less focused on the “trick”.


5:45 Hot tea (This flavor looked festive but had caffeine so I stuck to my normal one)

6:15 Pumpkin Oatmeal: oatmeal with pumpkin& pumpkin pie spice stirred in, plus a Jack-o-lantern face created with a bit of cocoa + sweetener + water   and a side of black and orange fruit: blackberries and mandarin oranges


9:15 Orange and Black Sorbet (my usual mango-lime with a few blackberry sprinkles)


12:00 Beany Spider Salad ( Bed of spinach and beets dressed with mixture of mustard, apple cider, vinegar, and Bragg’s; served with Baked Beany “spiders” made from black beans mashed with a fork + oats + chipotle  with bell pepper legs and carrot eyes ) and a Pumpkin Orange (mandarin orange with a celery stalk)

spider-salad  jack-o-lantern

3:30 Chocolate -Cherry and Pumpkin Parfait (frozen cherries blended with cocoa and layered with pumpkin)* If I re-did this idea I would think about freezing the pumpkin and adding spice to it too


6:15 seltzer with lemon

7:00 Jack-o-Lantern Stuffed Pepper (I filled mine with  veggie chile leftover from several weeks ago when we had the hurricane and brown rice) and skull zucchini (I ate 2 helpings of these!), PLUS a dessert of a baked cookie (oats + pumpkin and icing of cocoa + sweetener + water )



8:30 Hot Tea and a good book





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