Today I had plans to see a friend at lunch whom I haven’t seen since last month.  I looked for something to wear and was happy to discover I could wear a top that had been looking frumpy just last month due to the extra weight.  I got dressed and realized that I was feeling thinner!  I know it’s really just a mind-set, but an important one.  That feeling of joy in my skin is one of the things I have been missing this last year.  When I got to my friend’s house she remarked that she could tell I had lost weight; it’s possible she was just being nice, but never-the-less I felt thrilled.

Some difficulties today in drinking the required water… I guess I just didn’t work hard enough at this task.  Also after dinner, I was still feeling hungry so I went back for a rice cake with beans; I justified it by telling myself I chose not to have the optional grain with dinner.  Sometimes for me feeling successful (like this morning) can lead me to act over confident and make poor choices, so tomorrow I will be extra careful about my intake.



7:30 Hot Tea

8:00 sprouted bread with almond butter (only 1 Tbs so I can also use the cashew milk) and a chocolate, blueberry. spinach smoothie

10:45 celery with cashew cheese

2:00 Lunch with a friend: Chocolate Cherry sorbet  and homemade hummus with olives, pepperocini, parsley, & capers with veggie dippers (carrots, celery, and snap peas)

3:00 Guacamole with carrots, celery, and snap peas

7:00 Taco Salad: Romaine, diced tomatoes, pickled jalapenos, guacamole, refried beans (no oil), chipotle, and a dab of a sauce made with blended cooked cauliflower, nutritional yeast, and tahini

9:00 Hot Tea

9:30 Rice crackers and refried beans



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