Phase 2 has been my least creative phase.   I have had the same Breakfast soup for all Phase 2 breakfasts and the same tofu pudding for all Phase 2 snacks. Is it because I hit on an amazing recipe and just can’t get enough?  Well…no.  The soup for breakfast is fine.  I always enjoy soups and it’s a nice warm bowl of food that I don’t have to fuss with.  I pre-made the veggie broth with kale ribbons in week 1; each morning I add 1/2 cup frozen edamame, 1/2 cup frozen green beans, and hot sauce; then I microwave it and in a matter of minutes breakfast is ready.  The tofu pudding is WAY better than I predicted due to my texture issues with tofu, however each week I still have to get used to it.  I use a very tiny amount of sweetener so it’s just not that amazing. I make up 4 portions on Tuesday evenings so I’m all set for Wednesday and Thursday.

I’ve varied the lunches and dinners slightly, but did lots of repeating :

  • Tempeh with mustard and red cabbage :  3 times
  • Stirfry Vegetables and edamame : 2 times
  • Tempeh and green beans with sage sauce:  2 times
  • Edamame hummus in lettuce wrap (too messy to actually be called a “wrap”): 1 time

Some people say repetition of meals is a good thing for weight loss, but since this diet specifies the portions it is not likely to make a difference.  Repetition has certainly made preparation easier. I also agree with what this blogger says about repetition, ” Feeling like you need to reinvent the wheel every week only adds to the stress of cooking”.

Today  started my third round of Phase 2 meals and I had the same Soup and pudding, but I did mix it up a little by having spinach instead of green beans and a cold edamame radish salad (delicious!!! and definitely worth repeating despite the tediousness of picking out all the carrots);  then I got really “wild” by trying out the cucumber sorbet that I mentioned yesterday. The lime juice in the sorbet made it a bit too tart and also it didn’t get as smooth as I can get the fruit blends.  I think I will try it again but with just mint and cucumber… no citrus.


6:30 Hot Tea

7:00 My Phase 2 Soup (homemade veggie broth + kale + green beans + edamame)

10:00 Tofu Chocolate Pudding (same as last week)

12:45 Edamame Radish Salad (1/2 cup edamame thawed + chopped cilantro, green onion, radishes, and Broccoli slaw mix *with the carrots removed, dressed with lemon juice, Bragg’s Amino Acids, ginger, and garlic), also  Cucumer sorbet (frozen peeled cucumber blended with chopped mint and splash of lime juice)

2:50 2/3 cup mustard greens with hot sauce

3:45 Tofu Chocolate Pudding

6:00 seltzer with lemon peels

6:55 Browned Tempeh slices, cooked spinach with garlic, and a salad of arugula, baby spinach, and green-leaf lettuce dressed with a mixture of Bragg’s amino acids, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, garlic, & nutritional yeast

8:00 Hot tea



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