Another good day in Phase 1…

I allowed myself to stay in bed “late” again (3rd day in a row of this wonderful treat!) and then was able to adjust my schedule to allow for a brisk morning walk.  It has been so long since I was able to do this due to the darker mornings at this time of year.  I love getting outdoors before a long day of sitting!  These little treats made me think about how I really need to remember more of these type experiences that perk up my days, offer comfort, and feel like an indulgence; things that can take the place of food treats.

Phase 1 is the best fruit phase of the week; I love fruit and always have a tough time deciding which fruits to pick for the week. I was happy about finishing odd the cantaloupe today; it surprisingly made it through from last week’s phase, but I can’t imagine it would make it another week.  I was also happy to enjoy my fruit sorbets again today; in just these 3 short weeks I have come to love this little treat made with nothing but fruit. Chocolate cherry, Mango Lime, Peach, and Raspberry have all been wonderful.  In the past I’ve had strawberry and pineapple too and recently found some recipes for sorbets made with guava and blueberries that I hope to try soon. Unfortunately I have only been able to enjoy sorbets for Phase 1 and 3, but this weekend I was looking back through The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook and noticed the recipe for Lime Sorbet with lettuce as the base.  That made me think about what other vegetables in the Phase 2 list might work and I considered cucumber.  I googled it and found that there are indeed recipes for cucumber sorbet and even people who freeze them for smoothies.  So, today I will chop and freeze a cucumber to try tomorrow in Phase 2. Rhubarb also looks promising (I think this one could be adapted) as well as red peppers, but both of those will have to wait until another week since I don’t have any today.

6:15 hot tea

6:45 1/2 cup dry oats magically transformed into oatmeal with cinnamon served with 1 cup of cantaloupe

9:45 1 cup Chocolate cherry sorbet (blended cherries with cocoa powder)

12:30 1 cup Brown Rice/Wild Rice Mix with Broccoli and Carrots+ 2 cup raw arugula + 1/2 orca beans, and 1 cup pineapple

4:30 1 cup Mango Lime sorbet (blended mango and lime juice)

6:45 1/2 cup black beans,  1 portion of Rice Pulao (brown rice, minced cauliflower, bell peppers, tomatoes, onion, green chile, carrots, mint, and spices), and zucchini with garlic, cumin, red chile flakes,and garam masala

8:00 Hot herb tea and a snuggly bed


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