Today starts week 3 of The Fast Metabolism Diet (vegan version).  I weighed this morning expecting to see no change and saw a 2 pound loss.  It’s hardly the miraculous “Lose up to 20 pounds in 28 days!” boasted on the book cover, nor is it the more typical 12-15 pound loss in 4 weeks that most of the other bloggers I found claimed. However it is a start.  Let’s just hope this time I can maintain it.  I haven’t forgotten that in week one I lost a pound but then regained it 2 days later.

On top off the thrill at losing 2 pounds, I felt pretty good today.  I stayed on track in terms of the schedule.  I enjoyed my food and didn’t feel over full either.  My bike ride was just the right amount of “work” and fun despite the heat and I woke up well rested.  All in all a good day. I like the decadence of Phase 3 but Phase 1 always feels the most comfortable to me; I’m glad I have one more day to enjoy it this week!


6:15 started with hot tea

6:45 1/2 cup dry oats magically transformed into oatmeal with cinnamon served with 1 cup of cantaloupe (leftover from last Tuesday and managed to survive!)

10:00 (15 min late) Chocolate cherry sorbet (blended cherries with cocoa powder)

1:30 1 cup Brown Rice/Wild Rice Mix with Broccoli and Carrots+ 1 cup raw arugula + 1/2 cup orca beans and dash of hot sauce, 1 cup butternut squash with rosemary, and 1 cup pineapple

4:50 Mango Lime sorbet (blended mango and lime juice)

7:00 Veggie Sheppard’s Pie :1/2 cup orca + 2/3 cup barley +  Golden Gravy (from this great  book) made from oats + chopped carrots, parsnips, and green beans topped with mixture of whipped cauliflower and parsnips


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