Some of the blogs I have read by people who followed the Fast Metabolism Diet speak of how much they look forward to getting to the end for a celebration meal, or for a cup of coffee or champagne.  I do miss daily aerobics, bananas in my smoothies, corn on the cob, and white potatoes, but I think what I look most forward to is being able to eat with less restrictions.  So far this plan has not convinced me that the magic combination of foods and timing has reset my metabolism, thus I don’t feel inclined to stick with it. (although I know I have NOT been perfect with the timing).  So far I’m not losing weight either.  However, I have regained my stride in eating a more wholesome diet. I am appreciating fruits more than ever and seeing that foods like nuts and avocado CAN be part of my diet without losing my self control.  I have become acclimated to drinking lots of water too and would want to keep that up.  However, one thing does keep bothering me…if eating this way is not encouraging weight loss, what will?

What foods have I eliminated that were problematic for me and what will I do about them?

  • flour products like bread and crackers (other than sprouted bread)/ I think I’d like to do this 90% of the time…it leaves more room in my diet for other things and I know those foods are addictive
  • corn products/ I had no issue with corn on the cob, frozen white corn kernels, or the occasional slice of vegan cornbread (made with applesauce and flax); I don’t include lots of processed corn syrup products anyhow; I do use the occasional bit of corn starch to thicken foods
  • white potatoes/ I have realized that many of my recipes include potatoes and that in addition to that I use them as a side dish about once a week; while I don’t see potatoes as evil, variety is important in terms of nutrients so I think this issue bares thinking about
  • Peanut butter/ I normally buy natural peanut butter made with nothing but peanuts so I never worried about it as a junk food, however it is highly addictive to me (as is almond butter); I have done well at limiting the amount of almond butter so far, but am still aware of this issue so I’m not sure yet how I’ll deal with it
  • alcohol/ I have missed this item a few times but have been fine with having seltzer; I think I will WANT to keep this at a low level to make room for other foods; I want to have a drink occasionally, but am not yet sure how to keep this from becoming a daily habit
  • sugar/ I have eliminated sugar before and am always happy with the way my palette readjusts; I’ll keep this up but allow an occasional vegan sweet indulgence


5:45 awake

6:05 hot tea

6:15  1 cup raw snap peas, 1 cup fresh raspberries, 1 slice sprouted bread with 2 Tbs almond butter

9:00 (packed to eat on the go) cucumber and Tbs cashew cheese (soaked raw cashews blended with lemon juice and spices)

12:30 (packed to eat on the go) Salad of arugula, baby spinach, lima beans, orca beans, walnuts, and dressing of dijon mustard, Bragg’s amino acids, and apple cider vinegar

5:00 (late by 30 minutes) 15 raw almonds and leftover cup of curried vegetables from last week (spinach, cauliflower, fire roasted tomatoes, and red curry paste)

7:30 Orca beans with chipotle,  baked sweet potato slices, and Ginger Slaw (nappa cabbage, carrots, green onions, fresh ginger, cilantro, tamari, apple cider vinegar, pepper)



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