Ahhhh… Phase 3; it feels like a relief when I see a day ahead with foods I enjoy.  And…I had breakfast on time!!  Weighed again and I’m back to where I started on day 1, at least it’s not a gain any more. Unfortunately… I was very late for my morning snack.  It was an extremely busy day at work and I had to deal with several unplanned things , but I have decided not to stress about the schedule.  I am doing my best at the timing so I will not beat myself up over imperfection.





5:20 start with hot tea

5:50 sprouted bread with almond butter and a bowl of fruit salad (frozen blueberries and raspberries with chopped cucumber)

11:00 VERY late snack… ate 2 Tbs homemade cashew cheese (soaked raw cashews blended with lemon juice and spices) and celery

12:00 1/2 cup of navy beans with leftover green beans in the leek sauce and 2 Tbs. of pine nuts

4:15 Baby carrots and raw almonds

6:15  Baked zucchini and tomatoes with basil and cashew cheese and 1/2 cup Orca Beans

8:00 Hot tea



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