The Fast Metabolism Diet is certainly not easy for me.  Even though I wasn’t going through caffeine withdrawal, knew about foods like spouted bread and Bragg’s Amino Acids, and already included lots of vegetables in my diet…it’s still a lot of work.  Phase 2 is particularly tough.  I am also still struggling to eat 30 minutes after waking.  This morning I woke at 5 and started on my routine (ingrained for several years now) and then at 6:30 notice I am hungry and suddenly remember I should have eaten an hour ago!!!!!  Is weight loss really dependent upon eating 30 minutes after waking?  Can I lose weight if my metabolism is not re-set? Will it be worth it?    I am definitely eating healthily (though Phase 2 to me feels a tad unhealthy with so much soy and not enough of other foods that I have always believed create a balance).  I committed myself to 28 days and plan to follow-through, but after yesterday’s weigh-in, I don’t know whether to doubt the plan or blame myself for not sticking to the rigid time schedule. Tomorrow I will leave several notes for myself to prep breakfast as soon as I get up.

Remember how a couple of days ago I said that what I wanted was to be at peace with food?  Well, I found the perfect description of that in a  book I’m finishing; it’s called 703: How I Lost More Than a Quarter Ton and Gained a Life by Nancy Makin.  Near the end of the story on page 266, she says, ” If we have faith in our own judgement, if we trust that we will now care for our bodies, spirit, and emotions because it is the natural thing to do for someone who is of value, there will be no need for hyper-vigilance.  We will have no worry over the outcome, because the outcome is preordained; we will flourish.  Only with the reconstituted belief in self can we truly get on with living a full and more contented life, focusing on what really matters in the end- the love and service we give to others and the natural blessings we receive in return”.  That is what I want… a life where I am not obsessing over food, not obsessing over my weight, and taking care of myself because I deserve it. If I can get to that place, then the journey…including phase 2…will definitely be worth it.


5:00 Hot herb tea

6:45 Phase 2 Soup (Homemade vegetable broth with Kale, green-beans, edamame, and chipotle sauce)

9:20  Tofu Chocolate Pudding (same recipe as last week)

11:45 “Stir Fry”: Water cooked asparagus, cabbage, bell peppers, and edamame with lemon juice, Bragg’s Amino acids, and wasabi paste

3:20 Tofu Chocolate Pudding (same recipe as last week)

6:30 Tempeh sprinkled with carraway browned in a dry pan served with Red Cabbage, onion, with balsamic  and allspice and a dab of Dijon mustard

8:00 herb tea in bed with a good book


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