In the  spring & summer I feel excited to wake up early so that I have time to get outside for a brisk walk; in the fall & winter I get up early out of habit, but it is too dark to go outdoors in time to get ready for work.  Some days, like today I wake up tired despite having slept soundly.  Overall, I felt a little low… tired, not looking forward to Phase 2 foods or weight-lifting.  I was at least feeling optimistic about my weight… feeling a tad lighter, so decided to do an impromptu weigh… well, I shouldn’t have; not only did I re-gain the one pound lost last week, I gained 2 more on top of it.  I feel so discouraged.  At least today’s quote was inspiring: “If you can dream something, you can do it.As long as you do not align your actions with your dreams, you are not fulfilling your destiny.” —Harold Klemp The Language of Soul.  So I will do my best today despite feeling down.

Today is also a good day for me to address leftovers. On the one hand, leftovers are wonderful on this plan.  I have little frozen packets of beans and rice that were frozen when I cooked them for various meals.  They are always in 1/2 cup portions which makes them perfect for my meals.  I also have enough of the Phase 2 soup I made last week leftover so will not have to make a new batch just for these 2 days.  The vegetable chile I made before the hurricane lasted for the whole weekend’s protein portions. Leftovers have been great.  However, the other side to the story is that the very specific foods for each phase mean sometimes there are foods I worry will spoil.  I wanted a cantaloupe melon for one of my fruits this week, but I could only enjoy it on Monday and Tuesday.  The leftovers will either hopefully be eaten by someone else or will sit in my fridge until next Monday.  Pomroy suggests eating a variety of fruits and vegetables rather than repeating the same ones; she calls this method, “Confuse it to lose it”. Over the last 2 days I was allowed 8 servings of fruit; I had melon 3 times, blueberries twice, an orange once, mango once, and cherries once.  I think for the remaining weeks I will stick to frozen fruits or single pieces in order to control the leftovers better.  I suppose I could buy a pre-packaged/ pre-cut melon but that is usually more money and more disposable packaging, so I opted for a whole melon.  Anyhow, leftovers are something to keep in mind, both the good side and the bad.


5:20  hot herb tea

5:45 Breakfast Soup heating… eat by 6:00 (Homemade vegetable broth with Kale, green-beans, edamame, and chipotle sauce)

8:45 Tofu Chocolate Pudding (same recipe as last week)

11:45 Edamame Hummus with cucumbers and a few slices pickled onion and pickled banana peppers in a  green leaf lettuce wrap (Hummus= 1/2 cup edamame + cilantro + lemon + 1 green onion + cumin)  ** VERY messy and was still hungry… so also had 2/3 cup mustard greens with hot sauce

4:00 Tofu Chocolate Pudding (same recipe as last week)

6:45 Tempeh with greenbeans and a Leek and herb Sauce (vegetable broth +leeks + sage + rosemary + balsamic vinegar)

8:00 herb tea in bed with a good book




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