Trying to enjoy my last day with healthy fats until next Friday.  Usually my strategy is to cut fats out to a bare minimum thus viewing foods like avocado and nuts as “bad”.  I feel like it was easier this week to exclude them in phases 1 and 2 knowing that I could have them over the weekend.  (Although… I do have a love for peanut-butter that is a bit excessive, so it is probably good that it isn’t included in approved foods for The Fast Metabolism Diet). To top it off, I get to look forward to some fruits on Monday that are only part of Phase 1.  🙂  It’s fun to have treats that are part of the plan.

Schedule still way off track… slept late, not hungry, plus worship service and choir practice… I’ll just keep doing my best.  For my 4:00 snack I felt a bit pressured to have it even though I was not hungry; I think that is something I need to look into before next week’s phase 3.  By the way, choir singing is perfect for the Phase 3 goal to engage in stress-reducing  activities which also promote the release and elimination of toxins. Read about the connection to singing  here.

Tomorrow I will weigh to see if week 1 brought me any loss, but I don’t want to forget that there are other benefits besides just weight.  I am nervous since the plan says that, ” It is very important that you stick to the plan as written. The meal requirements and their timing is very deliberate. The one exception — if you work out in the a.m. or your schedule requires you to get up early, you can have your morning snack when you first wake, then have your breakfast at a normal time. Remember, you must eat every two to four hours (except when you are sleeping). This helps stabilize blood sugar and keep cortisol balanced, digestion moving, fat converting to fuel, and your body converting food into life.” If I don’t see a loss yet, I will try harder this week and will try to remind myself of the following:

Positives so far:

  • Exclusion of junk foods that had crept into my diet (sugar, processed flours, etc)
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Refreshed my self confidence that I am capable of being on track

Even though the timing for meals and snacks is still not what the plan outlines, here it is…

6:45 started water

7:30 hot herbal tea with splash of cashew milk

8:00 Fruit Salad (1 cup frozen blueberries + 2/3 cup chopped cucumber) and 1 slice sprouted bread with 2 Tbs almond butter

10:15 Carrots and celery with hummus

2:00 “Taco Salad”: leftover veggie chili mixed with shredded romaine, fresh tomatoes, and guacamole  and raspberry sorbet (frozen raspberries + lime juice)

4:15 celery and guacamole

7:15 Stuffed Pepper: 1 red bell pepper stuffed with 1/2 cup quinoa, 1/2 cup leftover chili, 1/3 cup diced tomatoes, 1 sprinkle of nutritional yeast; served with shredded romaine mixed with guacamole






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