The power is on and I plan to power through more of  The Fast Metabolism Diet!  This morning was a slow start since without power the house was dark and there seemed no good reason to get up.  I started with pre-boiled water and then when my husband awoke he started up the camp stove for hot tea.  Breakfast was so late that I already knew a morning snack was not going to happen. however, I went to make lunch at 12:30 and got confused about the grains… I heated up a bowl of Veggie chile with leftover brown rice and fresh baby spinach.  Then I remembered that the rice should have been for dinner, so I put in in the fridge and opted to have a quick snack instead.  That is one thing about this plan… it is a lot to keep up with (very specific in terms of foods to include for each meal, portions sizes that may change with the phases, and of course timing).  I’m doing well about my choices, but less well in terms of the logistics.

Now that the storm has passed and all the post storm clean-up complete, I need to tackle the Phase 3 exercise… yoga tomorrow.


8:00 started on water

9:00 hot tea with a splash of cashew milk

9:30 oatmeal made from 1/2 cup dry oats and 1 cup blueberries as well as cucumbers and hummus (odd combo due to the uncertainty of the power situation and trying to use things up that might spoil)

12:30 celery, carrots, and cucumber with guacamole (double portion)

2:50 leftover veggie chile  (pintos, kidney beans, bell peppers, and tomatoes) with butternut squash followed by sorbet of 1/2 cup frozen raspberries and 1/2 cup frozen cherries and 1 Tbs cocoa (no fat due to double at early snack)

4:30 cucumbers and hummus

6:30 seltzer and lemon

7:00  leftover veggie chile  (pintos, kidney beans, bell peppers, and tomatoes) with 1/2 cup rice, dab of gucamole, and fresh baby spinach and 4 oz of salad (1/2 bag of kale, spinach, char, & arugula) with homemade tahini dressing


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