Last night I was so thrilled to have completed Phase 2; while it was not as tough as I expected, I did feel more cravings and hunger during this phase.  I went to bed full and assumed maybe I had eaten too many green beans.  However, this morning I woke still feeling full and bloated.  One possibility is the increase in fiber; I am used to the high fiber that goes with a vegan diet, but these last 2 days ate even more fiber than usual to make up for the lack of starches.  Another theory leads to the soy.  I already explained that I’m not usually a fan of tofu.  Edamame and tempeh are foods I do enjoy but not on a weekly basis, perhaps monthly.  This morning I read here that soy can cause bloating.  I have been looking forward to Phase 3 with its inclusion of healthy fats so hope to be feeling better very soon.

Unfortunately the bloating threw me off schedule again so I didn’t start breakfast until 7:45.  It seems like the schedule has been the hardest part for me.  I wasn’t starving when I ate, but just interested enough to enjoy all the yummy treats.  I had planned to have a mixture of blueberries and cucumbers for my fruit and vegetable, but due to anticipating the power outage today, I decided to indulge in the frozen cherries to make sorbet while I still could.

I also discovered that from this point on due to the flooding from the Hurricane, I should boil our water before drinking… I definitely did not pick the most convenient time to follow this diet. Even so, I managed to squeeze it all in.

The rest of the day I did manage to stay on track despite the weather.  In the early morning I pre-cooked a dinner of Veggie chile ;  so when we did lose power, I was already prepared.  The bigger issue was trying not to open the fridge or freezer in order to conserve the temperature for as long as possible.  I’ll also admit that the thought of a drink this evening was really tempting… it makes me recognize how much food and drink becomes a comfort for me rather than just food.


5 am start with hot tea with peppermint to ease my discomfort

7:45 Chocolate Cherry sorbet (frozen cherries and cocoa powder), cucumbers. sprouted bread with almond butter

12:24 Missed snack… too full.  Started lunch with more Chocolate Cherry Sorbet; Salad: baby spinach, tomato, guacamole, black beans

Time?  (Power was out) snack of cucumbers and hummus and a seltzer with lemon

Time around 6:30 Veggie Chile (Pinto beans, kidney beans, diced tomatoes, bell peppers, green chilies, cumin, garlic, chili powder) served over fresh baby spinach with guacamole on top


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