2nd day of Phase 2 started today but isn’t top priority in my mind… we are in a coastal area of  Eastern Florida thus in the warning zone for Hurricane Matthew.  The stress of life is what often prods me into making that first poor choice and then my “all or nothing” attitude kicks in and I get stuck in a cycle of more poor choices.

I was awakened last night twice my the National Weather Service sirens blaring through my phone which led to be getting up to check the status of the storm, etc. Then I got up at 5 am this morning like normal despite being tired and feeling stressed.  Some of our neighbors have already evacuated and we will have to make a decision sometime today before the bridges are closed due to the wind.  I have heard that stress can prevent weight loss and even cause gains.  I am also realizing that if we lose power,which is probable, then my food choices will be significantly effected.  On top of those 2 worries are many layers of bigger worries for our house, cars, and our own safety.  On the bright side, it sort of puts dieting into perspective.

I had a few low moments and desperately wanted to seek solace in food and drink, but held tough for now…


5 am awake but busy

6 am had a cup of hot tea and tried to start my water too

8:00 4 oz cup of my Tofu pudding

9:30 1/2 cup mustard greens with hot sauce

11:30 Kale Broth + 1 cup frozen green beans and 1/2 cup edamame, seasoned with homemade chipotle

12:30 1 oz dry edamame (no oil)

1:30 hot tea

2:00 Exhausted, keep falling asleep briefly then jerk awake

4:14 4 oz cup of my Tofu Pudding

5:45 Seltzer with lemon

7:30 4 oz tempeh, green beans and a sauce made of vegetable broth/shallots/and fresh rosemary & sage, and leftover red cabbage with onion and balsamic

8:30 hot tea  (Sleepy Time)



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