I’ve decided to try to follow The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight  by Eve Adamson and Haylie Pomroy.

The book is geared mostly towards omnivores, but she does give options for vegetarians and even vegans.  I like that the plan involves lots of water, fruits, vegetables, greens, whole grains… all the things I know are healthy. Like Del Sroufe says in  Better Than Vegan, ” Simply avoiding animal products isn’t good enough if  you’re eating the wrong foods. It’s not enough just to be vegan. You’ve got to be better than that”. I need to do better.  I can’t see myself giving up white potatoes forever which are not part of the plan. Bananas will be tough too. Nor can I see myself never having another glass of wine.  I don’t know if metabolism contributes to my issues or not.  Regardless, I  think following a set plan of foods will be helpful though.  I searched for other blogs about people who had tried the plan and found some good ones, but none chose the plant-based options.

Today is day 1.  In general there are 3 phases per week and she suggests starting with a commitment of 4 weeks.

The Phase 1 Vegan plan is a mixture of fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans.  Additionally I have to drink lots of water and do aerobic exercise at least one of these 2 days. No caffeine, no alcohol, no sugar, and this phase no fats.

I have made out a menu plan, shopped, and figured out a schedule for when I need to prepare foods based on my own busy life.  I already like having beans frozen in 1/2 cup potions in the freezer, homemade vegetable broth, various sauces, etc. so I’m used to that kind of prep work.

I woke up and started with water.  I was NOT ready to eat 30 minutes after waking  (Usually I’m up several hours first) but I am trying to follow her plan and form new habits.  By the 8:30 snack I was even more “not hungry” due to the oats but I proceeded. I also started up a batch of homemade veggie broth in the slow cooker; I keep a bag in the freezer for veggie bits like parsley stems, limp celery, etc. and make broth when the bag is full.  The broth is in anticipation of Phase 2.  At this point, other than the timing it had been a typical day for me.  I frequently start with oats or smoothies.  I don’t drink coffee and while I missed the banana I normally slice into my oats, it did not feel too alien.

Tomorrow I may try a meal flip-flop.  I read “If you can’t have breakfast thirty minutes after waking, then I suggest you do a flip-flop of your meals and have a snack first and then have breakfast later.” here. The article also mentions  that you can split up the fruit from the rest of the meal to allow for exercise which I will also employ.

Lunch was filling and again seemed pretty familiar to me… beans, greens, rice.  The volume was more than I’m used to mid-day.  I think I usually have my bigger meal for dinner, but I’ve heard others say mid-day is a better choice for the big meal too, so I’ll give it a try.  The fruit snacks have been fine.  I especially enjoyed my sorbet that I made for afternoon snack.

Since Phase 1 calls for aerobic exercise, I chose to bike today. I really prefer morning exercise but was finding it challenging to balance my work schedule with the eating schedule as well as my husband’s schedule. To top it off, fall sunrises are getting later and later so it isn’t bright enough to get outside  early enough.  I’m sure I’ll adjust and find a good plan soon.

My first real sacrifice came around 6 p.m. when I’m used to having a cocktail or glass of wine with my husband.  I used my normal beautiful thin glass but filled it with seltzer and fresh lemon juice.  Dinner is the one meal I cook for the whole family and since I’m the only plant-based eater, it involves a little creativity.  Sometimes we all eat the same thing like veggie chili while other days we have different  entrées but the same sides. It was filling and I feel content.  All in all a good first day.

Here’s the day’s breakdown:

5 am awake; start drinking water; not hungry

5:30 am 1/2 cup dry oats turned into oatmeal with cinnamon and a green apple

8:30 am 1 cup whole strawberries and more water (in the form of herb tea) which I continue to work on all morning

11:30 Wow! Actually getting hungry; More water followed by 1 cup whole strawberries (this is my lunch-time fruit that I am splitting up since the author stresses fuel before exercise)

11:50 Bike ride (3.4 miles)

12:30 1 1/4 cup mustard greens with Habanero, 1/2 cup navy beans (from my frozen stash slow cooked from dry), and 1 cup brown rice/wild rice mix with Broccoli & carrots (This is a new product I tried based on recommendation of Jeff Novick here.) I usually have regular cooked brown rice frozen in 1/2 cup portions but was out.  The ingredients on this product are simple: brown rice, wild rice, broccoli, carrots… nothing else. **more than 1/2 of today’s water requirement has been met

2:45 Sorbet made from 1 cup frozen cherries blended with 1 Tbs. cocoa (the book says cacao but on her FB page she says cocoa powder is fine) LOVED this! Felt like a real treat.

6:00 “cocktail” Seltzer with a twist of real lemon (peel and wedge). My  required water intake is completed and in fact exceeded by this point. Feeling hungry but not starved.

6:45 Lentil Loaf (pulled from my freezer from a batch I made 2 weeks ago… made with lentils, oats, and canned tomatoes) plus Golden Gravy (from this great  book) made from oats ,together made up my protein and grain. Then I had roasted vegetables (fresh yellow squash, frozen cauliflower, and frozen broccoli).  The vegetables were roasted with no oil.

8:00 Herbal Tea (with a good book in bed)




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