When I first went plant-based it was just a temporary challenge; I wasn’t interested in meat, but figured after the 6 weeks I’d go back to my yummy cheese.  I didn’t. I had more energy than I had had in a while.  I felt more in control too.  The food was still delicious and best of all I was losing weight.

Some people equate vegan with skinny… but that’s not true.  I lost weight for a while and felt amazing!  It wasn’t because of the lack of cheese and meat; it was because I measured out my beans and grains and ate tons of vegetables.  Losing weight for me meant no olive oil, no vegan butter, no vegan mayonnaise…  I see plenty of recipes for vegan cakes and cookies.  I also see plenty of products out there like vegan ice cream sandwiches, but just because they are plant derived doesn’t mean that they are healthy or figure friendly.  I read once that “if you eat an extra 93 calories per day for a year, you will gain roughly 10 pounds at the end of the year.” And “just to make this clear 93 calories is about one cookie. Or about nine potato chips. Or about six French fries. Or 2/3 of a can of soda”.
(Apples and Pears, Savard).

Well…between this past July 4 and today October 3 I have gained 25 pounds… I can’t wear the clothes I wore a year ago.  I saw it happening and tried numerous times over the last 15 months to get back on track.  I’d have brief success and then go back up again.

It isn’t the exercise.  I go on a brisk walk 2.5 miles, 5 to 6 days per week plus bike 3 miles 2 days per week.  I even park in the farthest spot away from the door of stores. I’m not a body builder but I do work up a good sweat.  I don’t think it’s the exercise…

It’s the food.  In general I cook from scratch…dry beans, brown rice, quinoa, etc.  I have a few emergency cans of beans, canned tomatoes, and definitely frozen vegetables and fruits.  I don’t buy foods in boxes or frozen meals.  However, french bread, extra pasta, and vegan cookies… that will quickly add up to 93 extra calories per day or more.  My age may play into a little too; I’m 45 and hormonally changing. Even so, I see the habits that have formed this year that have led to this 25 pounds.

I just can’t seem to break the addictions…to get to a place that feels happy and not like “I’m on a diet”. I know that exists because before last July I felt that way.  I think I just need a transition to help me get back to my contentment as well as help me shake off these extra pounds. So, I’ve been searching…There are lots of weight loss books out there, but I know that there is no quick fix.  I also know that I love a good challenge.  I like the rules and the predictability.  I think if I could make a change for about 6 weeks or so, then I might be able to get on track again. So here I go.


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